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Your business wants to write better

That's good news because I've been helping small and large companies communicate effectively in writing since 2004. My name is Helen McCrone, and I am a professional business writer and editor.

What business writing services do I provide?

I write promotional products like websites, brochures and marketing emails, and I edit business publications like annual reports, white papers and articles. My two key services are:

Copywriting services: Writing promotional texts that grab the attention of your target audience, generate interest in your business, stress the benefits of your product or service, and call your potential customers to action.

Copyediting services: Going through your business documents word by word to pick up embarrassing mistakes, inconsistencies and omissions. The resulting text is correct, easy to read, and ready for publication.

Who do I help?

Website developers wanting to offer clients user-friendly, relevant and keyword-rich content that attracts, not alarms search engines. Business owners needing to convey a vision to their target audience with punchy, interest-generating promotional copy.

Marketers seeking the flexibility of a freelancer to assist during peak workloads or supplement in-house skills. Executives needing their annual accounts and board reports to be perfect in terms of grammar, spelling, punctuation and style.

Authors of business articles dependent on a fresh pair of objective eyes and suggestions to improve structure, flow and style. Office Managers wanting to increase office productivity by keeping staff focused on their main jobs and not on drafting documents.


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    Corey CaffneySusan ClarkRon Vullings
  • Copywriting can make or break a website, and Helen is aware of that in a very special way. She listens, asks pointed questions and then retreats to get the job done. Her results speak for themselves, and she doesn't hesitate to implement a change or suggestion. We look forward to a fruitful relationship now and in the future with her!
    Corey Caffney
    Owner at Gaffney Funeral Home
  • I have worked with Helen on various projects and she is a pleasure to work with. Nothing is too much trouble, she delivers on time and makes your text sing – a talented copywriter. If you need to get your message across in English, contact Helen.
    Susan Clark
    Owner at Susan Clark Translations
  • Helen has helped us out at Tekstscrijvers.nl on many projects with copywriting, copyediting and translating. In every case she applied professional knowledge, accuracy and commitment. A colleague after our own hearts. We keep in contact even though Helen has emigrated to the States, and continue to engage her for English language assignments.
    Ron Vullings
    Partner at Tekstschrijvers.nl


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